How To Label Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Whether you are a well-organized person, but moving is a time when many organized people easily become disorganized. Relocating the home is a very stressful and daunting task for everyone. During the moving process things may get disorganized and can lead to confusion and frustration. You can avoid this frustration by labeling all the packing boxes. It will make things easy going without causing too much stress.

By adopting a smart labeling system, you will make the unpacking process much easier and it is also easy for loading and unloading the truck. In order to organize everything, it is good to start the labeling process as soon as you start packing. Below are a few helpful tips to label your moving boxes just like a moving professional.

  1. Get the right labeling tools: The first thing you must have to label all the moving containers with a marker or colored tape. It will make your entire relocation process as easy and fast as it can possibly go. The best type of labeling system is using markers of different colors. If you don’t want to use a marker, you can purchase colorful tape to give a unique identification to each box.
  2. Color coding system: You can use different color for each box as indicators. For example, mark the kitchen box with yellow color, pink might mean your daughter’s room, blue for your son’s room and green for your own room. This is a really simple and effective concept and you can easily recognize the box after moving.
  3. Keep it simple: When you are labeling the moving containers, make sure your writing is clear and visible and mover can understand it when they are loading and unloading the truck. Use clear packing tape to prevent boxes from tearing and falling off.
  4. Inform the movers about the labeling system: When the movers arrive at your house to pick up your items, let them know about your labeling system. If you don’t inform them, they may put all the boxes in the wrong place when they arrive at your new home. Before they arrive at your home, keep a sheet of printed paper ready with color names and their meaning. It will help them load and unload things with a lot of ease and put them in the right place.
  5. Label what to unpack first: When you reach your new house, your first desire is to place every box to its respective room. But before it, you will want to unpack a few important items so that you can start living comfortably. Packing items that you need immediately and use daily and labeling them with unique tape will help you avoid the trouble of opening up countless boxes.

By labeling all the moving containers, there is no chance of misplacement of items. It will help you and movers to spot the boxes and shift them to the desired destination. If you are thinking about to relocate your house or office, Safeway Moving in Edmonton is one stop solution for all your moving needs.