5 Easy Packing Tips To Follow On Your Moving Day

One of the common misconception about moving is that it is easy and fun, if your new destination is situated locally. We often think that if we are relocating within Edmonton only, then it won’t be so difficult to shift our belongings and other tangible things. But the truth is really different. The minor details and utmost care that is needed during transporting items can cause harassment to a homeowner.

To streamline your packing and relocation experience, its ideal to hire local movers who can ease your moving troubles. Its better to do much of your packing task yourself to ensure protection and easy handling.

Few packing tips that should be followed on the day of move are:

  1. Start packing from one room: All professional movers follow this trick to ensure that everything is packed with a label. By starting from a single room, there are almost no chances that you’ll mix the items or label the boxes incorrectly. This method not only makes unpacking easier, but also provides a managed flow of packing process.
  2. Get the right materials: To ensure that everything is packed safely, use the right materials. Don’t opt for using grocery store boxes since they are not strong enough to carry weight for longer. Its good to borrow storage containers from your moving company as they are large and supports more capacity.
  3. Don’t pack everything: There are some items that can’t be packed inside a box. Make a list of such items and find a more convenient way to transport them safely. Use mattresses and blankets to cover such belongings so as to protect them from damage and scratches.
  4. Group your belongings: Not all the home items are strong enough to be packed inside boxes. There are some delicate ones too that should be taken extra care of, like mirrors and glass tables. Therefore, before starting to pack, pair up the items based on their fragility, size and durability. Avoid packing delicate items with the heavy ones as there are great chances of damage.
  5. Load Heavy Boxes First: If you have not hired professionals and are loading your belongings into the truck yourself, make sure that you prioritize loading heavy boxes first. Transport these heavy boxes first and then work towards carrying lighter items. In this way, you can really protect the smaller items from being crushed under the heavy ones.

Packing is all about protecting your items, loading and unpacking them safely. These are the few packing tips that should be followed to prevent the moving day hassles. If you are looking to move from Edmonton to any other local or long distance location, contact us at SafeWay Moving for pleasant moving experience.