3 Items That Are Difficult To Pack & Move

The only reason why people are afraid of relocation and moving is the hassles and discomfort they go through the entire process. Moving is not an easy task and is accompanied with a lot of responsibilities. No matter, you are packing and loading your belongings yourself or have hired a professional mover, there are still some items that are hard to move and even pack. While encountering with these items, one needs to work with extra care and attention, else you’ll end up causing damages.

Some of the common items that are hard to move include:

  1. Plant Pots:

    Plants are living entities, just like you and your pets. A bit of carelessness can harm them to such an extent that they can die. It’s generally very tricky to move the houseplants and flower pots. Loading them in a vehicle itself is quite troublesome compared to packing which is somehow impossible.

    An alternative to move plants is to transfer them into plastic pots from the ceramic ones. To prevent dying off, this task must be done at least one to two weeks before the move. This will prevent the risks of a damaged flower pot. Once they manage to adjust themselves in their new pot, carefully move them in your personal vehicle rather than a goods truck.

  2. Musical Pianos:

    Pianos are quite heavy and hard to move compared to all other musical equipment. The reason behind this is their large and bulky size with obscure parts that can easily get damaged. Moving a piano to your new home is really troublesome. An easy way to move this complex entity is by hiring a professional moving company that is equipped with all essential tools that are required to lift, pack, load and unload a piano safely.

  3. Fish Tanks:

    Last but not the least, moving the fish tanks are one of the hectic tasks that must be accomplished if you want to bring your darling fishes to your new home. Since fish can’t survive without water, its hard to move it, especially for long distances.

    An easy alternative to this problem is moving your fish into small containers that contain water from the tank only. Buy a holding tray and carefully rest the containers onto it. Use your personal vehicle for moving the fishes. Ask a family member to sit by your side so as to stabilize the fish containers for the entire journey.

These are some of the common belongings that are hard to pack and move. If you are looking for an expert local mover in Edmonton, feel free to contact us at Safeway Moving.